Никита Ц (Nikita C)

This place is a good choice for nature lovers. It is situated in huge garden. A lot of oxygen around. I became calm and relaxed very fast.
It is situated on the river with crocodiles (behind the fence, of course). You can come with a guide and watch them taking sunbath. A lot of wonderful colourful singing birds never seen in Russia. Spotted dears walking on the other bank of the river sometimes.

Also place is close to lion safari start point. Hotel service was very good. Place is very clean, at Indian standards at least. The Hotel manager,and his team, helped me out on every problem I had.

Firstly come here for 3 days, but stood for 10. Such place would have been occupied for half a year, if it was in Russia. Don’t understand why Indians don’t come here every weekend. 5/5 for its money.