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An Escape to the Serene Diu Island near Gujarat that will leave you refreshed

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Situated in a remote corner of western India, Diu is best known for its perfect mix of tranquil and peace. The island is infused with Portuguese history and it was the prominent Portuguese colony from 1531-1961.

The peaceful island on the south coast of Gujarat’s Kathiawar peninsula is an excellent destination to experience a dream vacation in a lifetime. Diu offers great opportunities for water sports such as swimming, surfing and parasailing. Altogether, you get an impressive yet unique view of sand crowned beaches in Diu that attracts many tourists every year.

Best time to visit Diu

You can visit Diu all year around. However, summer season is the most enjoyable time to visit from March-July. During this period, tourists and visitors can opt for various water activities on the beach and go for sightseeing around.

How to reach Diu

By Air – Diu has its own domestic airport in Nagoa. You can even opt for direct flights from Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
By Train – The nearest railway station is Veraval which is 90 km away from Diu.
By Road – From Diu, the roads are well-connected to Ahmedabad and Rajkot as well.
Local transport – You can hire a taxi or travel in Gujarat State Transport Bus (GSRTC) to Diu.

Activities to do in Diu

  • Swimming and water activities at Nagoa and Ghoghla beaches.
  • Take a heritage walk around.
  • Explore the Portuguese history.
  • oat ride to Panikota.
  • A visit to all five amazing beaches – Nagoa, Ghoghla, Chakratirth, Jalandhar and Gomtimata.

Places to visit in Diu and nearby

  1. Diu FortThe Portuguese built this popular fort during their colonial rule in Diu. This impressive and gigantic structure has magnificent sea view and skirts the sea on three sides. The fort was also used to double up as a castle and the Portuguese even used it as a strategic military point. Also the fort has a lighthouse in its compound and relics like cannons.
  2. Nagoa BeachLocated at 3.5km distance from Diu, Nagoa Beach is among the most popular picnic spots in Diu. It’s structure resembles the shape of a shoe. Nagoa Beach is absolutely perfect to swim or enjoy the water sports.
  3. Gangeshwar Mahadev TempleThe temple is famous for the five Shivlingas of Lord Shiva. At 6 km distance from Diu, it’s traditional architecture, ancient beliefs and mythological stories makes this temple a much visited place.
  4. Naida CavesAt 7km distance from Diu island, Naida caves have a rich history of the Portuguese. They are among those sculptures, where the Portuguese found their building material. The caves are known to have a natural opening in the ground extending beyond the zone of light.
  5. Shell MuseumThis museum showcases a superb collection of rare and unique seashells. The shells were all collected by a merchant navy captain Devjibhai Vira Fulbaria. He spent over 50 years of sailing and collecting. After he passed away, the museum took over his collection and uses to educate its visitors.
  6. St. Paul’s ChurchThe church is well-known for its stunning Gothic architectural style which took nearly ten years to build. It is one of the major attractions in Diu.
  7. INS Khukri MemorialThis site pays homage to the fallen heroes of the Indo-Pak conflict of 1971. In fact, the Diu coast had sunk the war ship after being hit by three torpedoes from a Pakistani submarine.
  8. Diu MuseumDuring the earlier times it was originally constructed as a church dedicated to St. Thomas in 1958, but now has converted into a museum. It has various statues and objects from the Portuguese era.
  9. Panikota FortOtherwise known as Fortim-Do-Mar by the locals is a popular island fort located near Diu. Located on a small bay of Simbor, it lies about 46 km from the coast of Diu. After gaining independence from the Portuguese the fort was used as a jail.
  10. Sunset PointSunset point is located on the Chakratirth Beach in Diu by a hillock that acts as a viewing point. The hillock is further converted into an enclosure that enables the people visiting the spot to view the sunset without getting wet from the sea waves nearby.
  11. Zampa GatewayA major landmark in Diu, Zampa Gateway lies in the northern part of the city. The gateway wall displays paint in bright red. It’s wall is beautifully carved with lions, dedicated angels and a priest. A man-made waterfall adds to its beauty. The Zampa Gateway is a significant historical place in Diu.
  12. Tulsi Shyam springsAt 46 km from Diu, the Tulsi Shyam springs are dedicated to Lord Krishna. This major tourist destination and pilgrim centre is several hundred years old. Located in the heart of the Gir National Park, there are medical hot water springs that are known to cure skin diseases.
  13. The Gir National Park and Wildlife SanctuaryLocated at 110 km from Diu, this most popular national park lies in the centre of Sasan Gir. You can spot the Asiatic lions, cheetahs, Nilgai, etc animals, crocodiles, reptiles and various bird species in their natural habitats.

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