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Top 5 Things To Do in Sasan Gir

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Gir National Park attracts multitude of tourists every year coming from all over the world to get a glimpse of the Asiatic Lions. Weather Conditions in Gir Forest remains peaceful round the year for you to have a comfortable visit to the Gir National Park in Sasan Gir, Gujarat. This beautiful forest is spread with a plenty of flora and fauna. Sprawling over vicinity of 1412 Sq Km, Gir National Park in Sasan Gir, is one of the most charming National Parks in India. Wonderful deciduous forests interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen flora, acacia, scrub jungle, grasslands and rocky hills make the park a picturesque destination.

1. Lion Safari in Open Gypsy – Gir Jungle Trail

Gir Jungle Trail is an open Gypsy safari in Gir National Park organized and managed by Forest Department. First and foremost, sign yourself up for the enthralling jungle safari of approximately 3 hours inside the dense forest of Sasan Gir.

Routing through dense forest an open Gypsy will be driven by an expert driver at a very slow pace so you don’t upset or provoke the lions and other wildlife in forest. Capture that exciting moment using your Mobile Camera when the Asiatic Lion walk across the path or moving alongside your vehicle! The safari gives you a proper ‘wildlife’ experience as you notice the animals in their natural habitat.

Safari Booking: Government Website
Entry Fee: Chargeable – As per Government Website
Starting Point: Sinh Sadan, Sasan Gir
Place: Gir National Park Sanctury, Gir Forest
Timings: Morning 6 AM to 9 AM, Morning 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM & Afternoon 3 PM to 6 PM

Note: Gir Jungle Trail Safari remains closed during monsoon season from 16th June to 15th Oct every year.

2. Visiting Crocodile Breeding Center & Sinh Sadan

The Crocodile Breeding Center in Sasan Gir is one unique place where you can see adult and baby crocks, being bred here for restocking the sanctuary.

Gujarat State Forest Department adopted the Indian Crocodile Conservation Project in 1977 and released close to 1000 marsh crocodiles into the Kamaleshwar Dam. Crocodile Breeding Center is place where reptiles are hatched and reared before they are set free into the forest in their natural habitat.
Have your camera ready as the crocodiles are highly elusive when humans approach, therefore click them when they are basking in the sun. Be careful of coming near to water bodies here, as the crocodiles when in water look like floating logs from a distance, so it is always good to keep a safe distance while watching these majestic reptiles.

Place: Crocodile Breeding Center, Near Sinh Sadan, Sasan Gir
Entry Fees: Free
Timings: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

3. Visit Devalia – Gir Interpretation Zone

Devalia – Gir Interpretation Zone or Devalia Safari Park is an important part of the Gir Protected Area. Devalia comprises 14 Sq Km of chain-link fenced area which is ‘Gir in a nutshell’, consisting all habitat types and all major representatives of wildlife of Gir. Devalia has a good quantity of prey base in the form of Spotted Deers, Blue Bulls, Wild Boars, Blackbucks, Sambars and Chinkaras. Spotting a Lion in its open grassland is a treat to the eyes for a wildlife. A good variety of grassland, as well as forest avifauna, is also spotted in the area. 20-30 Indian Vultures are regular visitors here.

The basic aim of creating Devalia Safari Park facility is to provide an opportunity to view lions and other animals in their natural habitat within a short period and reduce tourist pressure on the Gir National Park Sanctuary. Devalia Safari Park offers Bus Safari and Open Gypsy Safari to take a ride in wildlife, visit to Devalia safari almost guarantees a lion sighting.

Bus Safari Booking: At the Reception Desk
Open Gypsy Safari Booking: Government Website
Starting Point: Devalia Safari Park
Place: Devalia Safari Park
Entry Fees: Chargeable – Tickets available at Devalia Safari Park Reception
Bus Safari Timings: 30 Minutes – Between 7:30AM to 11 AM & 3PM to 5PM
Open Gypsy Safari Timings: 1 Hour – Between 7AM to 11 AM & 3PM to 6PM

4. Hiran River Trekking

Hiran River is one of the major water stream flowing across forest in Sasan Gir. Its major tributaries are Saraswati river and Ambakhoi stream, and many other unknown branches make this river almost complete near Talala town. Hiran river is a major river system which supports a variety of wildlife ecological systems and human settlements.

Hirneshwar Mahadev Temple nearby Hiran River area is very scenic and best suitable for river trekking in Sasan Gir. The area is surrounded by flat slopes of rocky hard land. You can spot wildlife like Deers, Blue Bull, and Crocodile also you can see beautiful & some rare species of birds across the river.

Hiran River trek passes through forest and open valley. There are chances of seeing wildlife during the trek. Hiran River surrounding area attracts fantastic range of Migratory and Indian Birds all year but especially in the season of winter. Big Cats like Lions & Leopards are often seen roaming around Hiran River area in search of the prey animals that muse in this place during the hot, dry season.

Entry Fee: Free
Starting Point: Hotel Anil Farmhouse, Sasan Gir
Place: Hiran River Trek, Near Hirneshwar Temple
Timings: 7AM to 10 AM & 4PM to 7PM

5. Enjoy Sidi Dhamal Dance

Siddi Tribal Dance, usually known as Siddi Dhamal, it is a unique dance form of the Siddi community of Junagadh, Gujarat. Centuries ago it was performed as dance of victory after returning from a successful hunt of wild animals and sometimes when Siddis would be overwhelmed with passion & happiness.

A unique quality of Siddi Dhamal Dance is furious dance with fire stunts and breaking coconut with head. Performing dance in 8 to 10 people group around bonfire, they walk on live coals with bare feet in an energetic dance with ferocious face expressions. Siddi Dancers perform Siddi Dhamal with moves of flexible neck and waist, dancing to a quicker beats as the rhythm of the drums picks-up.

Tossing coconut high in the air and breaking with their head and Picking up currency notes lying on the land with their mouth being upside down are some rare and unique stunts you never want to miss. This outstanding dancing style has been retained for generations by the Siddis in Sasan Gir, Gujarat.

Place to stay in Sasan Gir

Hotel Anil Farmhouse – A Luxury Family Resort located on the banks of Hiran River and only 9Km away from Devaliya – Gir Interpretation Zone and 4Km away from Sinh Sadan, Sasan Gir. Located on bank of Hiran River, Hotel Anil Farmhouse offer 25 AC Rooms in three different categories i.e. Superior Suite, Riverview Rooms & Luxurious Suite all rooms equipped private bathroom with bath or shower and free toiletries. Each room at Hotel Anil Farmhouse is air conditioned and has a LED Flat TV. All rooms include a seating area where you can relax. Enjoy a cup of tea from your terrace or balcony. One can enjoys beautiful views of the Hiran River and the surrounding hills.

Guests at this resort stays can enjoy outdoor Swimming Pool, Mango Orchard, Open Garden, Nursery Garden and River Trekking.

The Riverview Restaurant serves a Gujarati & Punjabi Cuisine. Snacks and hot Tea / Coffee can be enjoyed looking at nature and wildlife on bank of Hiran River.

Reaching there

  • The nearest railway station is Junagadh, 52 km from the Hotel Anil Farmhouse, Sasan Gir.
  • The nearest airport is Diu Airport, 98 km from the Hotel Anil Farmhouse, Sasan Gir.
  • By Car Ahmedabad 370km and Rajkot 155 km from the Hotel Anil Farmhouse, Sasan Gir.

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