Mango Museum

For the past three decades, our family have been sourcing mangoes across India to create a unique mango orchard

The Collections

We are having a mother plant collection of more than 200 types of mangoes which include foreign, hybrid, baramasi and rajwadi mango variety.


This year we have around 80 types of mango variety plants for sale. Around 60 types of mango fruits can be seen at our farm this year


The vast collection of mangoes the Jhariya family has sourced and preserved over the past four decades and three generations.

Mango orchard spread across 12.5 acres.

About Mango Museum

Unique Mango Orchard with 200+ varieties of Mangoes

Located just 3 km away from the Gir forest national park in Bhalchhel village, Gujarat, lies a unique mango orchard, offering a visual treat.

Spread across 12.5 acres are thousands of mango trees bearing more than 200 varieties of the fruit from across the country. A visit to the farm will leave you in awe of the vast collection of mangoes the Jhariya family has sourced and preserved over the past three decades.

Today, the Jhariya family has 230 varieties of mangoes grown in their orchard, some of which include Chinna Rasam and Chandrama from South India, and Chaunsa, Langda and Daseri from the North. They also have dwarf mangoes and a seedless variety known as Sindhu-117. There are also other varieties which are native to the USA, Thailand, Australia, Europe and Israel. The farm also has fruit varieties such as Katimon, Bajrang Baramasi, Baramasi Valsad and others that deliver mangoes every three months.

What is special about Mango Museum

We have collected more than 200 mango varieties from different parts of the world at our farm in Sasan Gir
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Acres Land Area
Types of Mango Variety Mother Plants Collected at Farm
Types of Mango Fruits in 2022
Types of Mango Plant Variety available for Sale

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